I am assuming this alleged shooting in Clackamas Mall near Portland, Oregon, is another false flag. It’s been over 24 hours since the initial news reports, and the jewish press has still not publicized any CCTV or security camera video. Nor have we seen any videos from the dozens of cell phones carried by Christmas shoppers in the vicinity.

What we have seen are more profiling of lone white gunmen, more discussions about assault rifles and high capacity magazines, and more calls for gun control.

Here is a video of one of the first broadcasts providing details of the alleged shooting. This is a live news report, and the CNN commentators tell viewers that only one victim had been transported to a hospital. While ten ambulances were responding to the emergency. Police are doing a “sweep” of the mall, still looking for victims, and gathering information.

The timestamp for this live broadcast reads 4:45. The shooting had began around 3:30 PM, according to police reports. So this is an interview of a police officer at the alleged crime scene, about an hour and fifteen minutes after the alleged event.

At time 3:33 the officer states:

“I don’t have an exact count, but there’s probably – There is county, multiple cities, state, federal law enforcement so dozens and dozens and dozens of officers at the scene…”

How did so many different agencies respond so quickly..? Why were federal officers at the scene of a local shooting so quickly? Another DHS drill, planned in advance, that’s how.

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