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Serrapeptase “The Super Enzyme”

serrapeptase informationSerrapeptaseĀ has been available in the United States for about ten years, but has been used in Japan for hundreds of years.You only have to search the internet to discover the benefits of this super enzyme, Serrapeptase. Although testimonials do not form the basis of scientific evaluation, there is value in what one experiences. Natural products generally are not subject to extensive clinical studies because of the problem with patenting; therefore, the drug companies do not have the incentive to extensively evaluate a natural product. Holistic practitioners generally offer information to assist individuals to determine if the enzyme is helpful for a given condition. Word to mouth testimonials offer the most up to date information.

You may not be aware of the fact that this natural enzyme is obtained from the intestines of a silkworm. In its natural state, Serrapeptase melts the hard coating of the cocoon so that the moth can escape its chrysalis. Discovering the benefits of an organic alternative to a harmful drug is an exciting find. The anti-inflammatory effects of serrapeptase can have a powerful and positive effect on the quality of your life. Just as it dissolves the hard cocoon of the silkworm, in the human body, it breaks down blood clots and cysts. It is interesting that Serrapeptase does not harm living tissue, but only dissolves dead tissue. There are many other documented cases of Serrapeptase helping other health conditions. As with alternative therapies, it is always wise to check with your health provider.